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Kerstin Siech

Kerstin Siech


MIRART free-lance artist, Munich.


Life with all its various facets is the basic inspiration of her works.

Hereby the focus is directed on one hand to natural elements as well as diverse human encounters

in combination with a number of repeated journeys to asian and south american cultures.


These different impressions are portrayed in oil and acrylic paintings. Other medium used are

amongst others, structural paste and metal.


Born 18.11.1971 in Karlsruhe.

Ausstellung von Margit Boxdörfer und Eva Guzmán 

10. - 16.10.2019

Galerie "Der Raum"

Seestr. 3, 82211 Hersching

Kunst Kultur Respekt

messy fingers unterstützen die Initiative KUNST KULTUR RESPEKT von Münchner Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden gegen Rassismus, Rechtsextremismus und Rechtspopulismus


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