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Margit Boxdörfer


I was born in Kronach, Oberfranken.


I was fascinated by art and painting at an early stage and chose art as a subject for my graduation.


I started drawing in charcoal and ink. Currently I prefer to work in acrylics, chalk and occasionally

in oil. I also like combining acrylics with mosaic stones.


After my studies in biology and chemistry, I retrained to Software Developer.

My main profession is in the IT branch. However, art has it's hold on me and that very intensively

for the past 10 years.


I love nature, colour and moods. I attend courses in acrylic painting, nude models, expressional

art and also courses from Bob Ross.


I share a studio with Anne and Rose located at Ernst-Platz-Str. 17. Everybody interested is welcome

to visit our „open atelier“ every 3rd Sunday in the month from 1500 to 1800 hrs.


Here my works ...



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Ausstellung ab 18. Februar 2019

Eine neue Ausstellung im SPD-Bürgerbüro von MdL Markus Rinderspacher wird am Montag, den 18. Februar um 18 Uhr eröffnet.

In der Melusinenstraße 18 präsentieren dann die Künstlerinnen Anne Schmidt und Roswitha Slater ihre Bilder.

Kunst Kultur Respekt

messy fingers unterstützen die Initiative KUNST KULTUR RESPEKT von Münchner Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden gegen Rassismus, Rechtsextremismus und Rechtspopulismus


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