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Anne Schmidt

I was born in Oldham, England. Presently live and work in Munich.


After my school education in England and for the sake of art, I spent time in the US, Italy and

France to attain impressions and motivation from other cultures.


A Persian artist family I met in Munich who formally painted for the Schah of Persia, influenced

my passion in such a way that I started working in oils.This was the beginning of many oil paintings

and at the same time intensified my talent for drawings and photography.


Nature, environment and our cosmos influence my artworks and are expressed in explosive strong

colours, soft flowing forms , figurative and now more and more abstract.


I first exhibited my artworks in 1987 followed by many others as a solo artist or in group exhibitions in various galleries and other locations. The majority of shows were located in Munich,

Stuttgart and Bregenz.


Beginning of the 90's, I started designing telephone cards which at the time was a new media.

The result was 5 motives which were issued for England, Germany, Denmark and Spain.




„Artitudes Certificate for Outstanding Achievement“, Art Gallery 54 New York


Principle Exhibitions


1987 Galerie Unikat I Munich

1988 Contemporana 1 Seidl Villa v. Bundesförderkreis Kunst und Kultur

1990 Galerie Erdmannsdörfer Stuttgart

1990 Schloss Grabenstätt, Chiemsee

1990 Hotel Arabella, Munich

1991 Hotel Sheraton, Munich

1992 Young Gallery, Munich

1992 Messehotel Europe, Stuttgart

1994 Pacelli und Celima Gallery, Munich

1995 Schloss Gebhardsberg, Bregenz

1995 Art Gallery 54, New York

1996 2000 Rathaus, Stuttgart

2002 2003 Autoren Galerie 1, Munich

2006 Neuland und Jaguar Center, Munich

2007 - 2010 Domagkateliertage, Munich

2010 - 2011 Kulturzentrum, Munich Trudering








Wir feiern unseren 10-jährigen Geburtstag der messy-fingers.

Details zum kommenden Event erfolgt bald.



Unsere Ausstellung in 2023 

ist vom 9.März - 23.April in der Mohr-Villa, München zum Thema 'green earth'


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