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Eva Guzman

I am a self-taught artist and was born 1968 in Germany. My father was a Spanish Gastarbeiter.


My family returned to Barcelona in 1969. After studying journalism there for 3 years, destiny brought me back to Germany where I studied the language and concluded a training as translator.


Since then I combine my profession as certified translator together with my passion for art.


Art is a part of me and my life. It is a window through which my longings, fears and dreams find their entrance to the world outside.

I paint when I am happy, I paint when I am sad.


Most of my works in oil or acrylics portray the glorification of womanhood, the fascination of our cosmos and the longing for the ocean.


Art and aesthetics melt into a mixture of styles ranging from figurative reality to symbolism and pure abstraction.





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Principle exibitions

  • 2009 Gemeinschaftsausstellung im Europäischen Patentamt, Munich 
  • 2010 Gemeinschaftsausstellung im Europäischen Patentamt, Munich Munich 
  • 2011 Gemeinschaftsausstellung im Europäischen Patentamt, München 
  • 2009 Sehnsucht nach Meer, Michaelibad, Munich 
  • 2011 Gemeinschaftsausstellung in der Spanischen Katholischen Mission,  
  • 2012 Mystik und Farbe, Kirche Maria Heimsuchung, Munich 

coming soon:

Anne Schmid und Rose Slater zu sehen bei der Ausstellung der Linie 1, Pelkovenschlössl, St. Martin-Platz 1, 



12.11.21 19:30h Vernissage

Ausstelungsdauer: bis 14.11.21

geöffnet 13:00h - 18:00h


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