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Margit Boxdörfer


I was born in Kronach, Oberfranken.


I was fascinated by art and painting at an early stage and chose art as a subject for my graduation.


I started drawing in charcoal and ink. Currently I prefer to work in acrylics, chalk and occasionally

in oil. I also like combining acrylics with mosaic stones.


After my studies in biology and chemistry, I retrained to Software Developer.

My main profession is in the IT branch. However, art has it's hold on me and that very intensively

for the past 10 years.


I love nature, colour and moods. I attend courses in acrylic painting, nude models, expressional

art and also courses from Bob Ross.


I share a studio with Anne and Rose located at Ernst-Platz-Str. 17. Everybody interested is welcome

to visit our „open atelier“ every 3rd Sunday in the month from 1500 to 1800 hrs.


Here my works ...



email : 

coming soon:

Anne Schmid und Rose Slater zu sehen bei der Ausstellung der Linie 1, Pelkovenschlössl, St. Martin-Platz 1, 



12.11.21 19:30h Vernissage

Ausstelungsdauer: bis 14.11.21

geöffnet 13:00h - 18:00h


per email

oder über unser


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