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Rose Slater


I was born in Munich, Germany. I left later to live in Philadelphia, USA where I completed my training and studies. Since returning to Munich I have been working at the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, Garching.


My first exhibition took place 1970 in USA.

Up to this day I cannot imagine living without art and photography. These feelings are even more intensified when working in the Munich „Art Group“ studio located at Ernst-Platz-Str. 17.


I would like to combine different artistic elements from the American and European continents together with impressions from the Afro-American.


I constantly try to express these themes in diverse and technically different ways driven by my passion and love of life.


My artworks have found their place in Europe and the USA.


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Atelier "artgroup" Ernst-Platz Str.17, Moosach







2002 Auszeichnung beim Fotowettbewerb der International Library of Photography in Washington D.C.


coming soon:

Green Earth - Black Earth

Ausstellung coronabedingt verschoben

19.03.21 - 02.05.21  

Mohr-Villa, München,

Vernissage: 18.03.21

Kunst Kultur Respekt

messy fingers unterstützen die Initiative KUNST KULTUR RESPEKT von Münchner Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden gegen Rassismus, Rechtsextremismus und Rechtspopulismus


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