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Rose Slater


I lived In the USA for many years and was educated there. Now I reside in Munich Germany

My Art started at a very early age with drawings of mainly fashion designs. In the 1970s I

Was part of a project of painting frescos in the halls of high schools in Philadelphia, PA USA.


I work at many different technics and material during my art education.

In Munich I have worked together with several artist and presented my works at several art exhibitions.


My works is comprised of oil,pastel,ink,wax,acryl und stifte. What I like to portrait are Women, nature, street scenes and abstracts and fashions. Photography has also captured my interest and I have a collection of photographic art.


My works of art are in private collections in Europe USA and China.


I am an Artist of Heart








2002 Auszeichnung beim Fotowettbewerb der International Library of Photography in Washington D.C.


coming soon:

Anne Schmid und Rose Slater zu sehen bei der Ausstellung der Linie 1, Pelkovenschlössl, St. Martin-Platz 1, 



12.11.21 19:30h Vernissage

Ausstelungsdauer: bis 14.11.21

geöffnet 13:00h - 18:00h


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